About us

Since 1984 Expert for Europe has been providing consultancy to Public Administrations and companies at both national and international level, in the framework of policies and activities aimed at strengthening the economic competitiveness and social cohesion of the EU regions.

Ideas in motion

There are some essential ideas driving our work: the willingness to act internationally, which doesn’t simply refer to competitiveness, but also to the exchange of models and best practices; a strong propensity to innovation and research; a focus on training, communication activities, etc..


Our services focus on the following topics: policy programming and evaluation; training and EU project management; strengthening the capacity of national and local actors to develop policies and active interventions in line with European guidelines and best practices.


Expert for Europe is committed to the efficient implementation of analysis and evaluation projects, aimed at obtaining information on policies’ results, experimenting innovative practices, providing decision-makers and stakeholders with the necessary elements to orient their choices and assess the progresses made.