Our services focus on the following topics: policy programming and evaluation; training and EU project management; strengthening the capacity of national and local actors to develop policies and active interventions in line with European guidelines and best practices.

  • Technical assistance and evaluation: provision of consultancy activities to public administrations on programming, management, monitoring, control and evaluation of national and European programmes;
  • Consultancy: to public administration and companies for internationalization and territorial marketing. Analysis and simplification of organizational processes and information flows. Optimization and simplification of administrative procedures;
  • EU Project Management: Capacity building addressed to final beneficiaries, companies and public bodies. Scouting, monitoring and identification of financing opportunities, design and support to project preparation related both to direct funding and Structural Funds;
  • ICT: planning and development of e-government systems; planning and implementation of decision support systems and advanced reporting systems; planning, organization and management of information systems as well as intranet/extranet networks; elaboration and implementation of projects in the area of knowledge, cataloguing and computerization of public/private archives and cultural heritage;
  • Communication and marketing: planning and development of portals for disseminating information and providing access to services; planning and development of 2.0 platforms for communication and marketing of products and services; analysis and research aimed at project financing also through the use of regional, national and EU public funds;
  • Training: design and implementation of professional and continuous training activities addressed to both public and private entities.

Our working method is designed to guide our clients towards the most effective and efficient ways to achieve their goals, putting them in the best condition to compete.
Our professionals provide clients with proven expertise, enhancing their internal resources, their value proposition helping them to adapt their strategy to an ever-changing market.
We share the Public Administration ’s goal to provide services to citizens according to their needs, and we provide support in the simplification of organizational processes. We believe in the necessity to build reliable networks of partners in the pursuit of excellence, in a perspective of open innovation and knowledge sharing.